Setup instructions

Binary Distributions

Compiled versions for macOS, Linux and Windows are available on GitHub:

Go Get

Installation via go get:

$ go get -u

Manual Build

$ go build -ldflags "-s -w" -o /usr/local/bin/net -i

Reproducible Builds via Go Modules

In order to provide stable and reproducible builds, Go modules are used to pin the versions of source code dependencies to specific versions.

Go has included support for versioned modules as proposed here since 1.11. The initial prototype vgo was announced in February 2018. In July 2018, versioned modules landed in the main Go repository. They are used by default by the go toolchain starting from version 1.13 .

You can read about Go modules here:

Development Build

To install the command-line tool:

$ go build -o /usr/local/bin/net -i

Cross Compilation

To cross compile for other architectures, set the GOARCH and GOOS environment variables. For example to cross compile a binary for linux amd64:

$ GOARCH=amd64 GOOS=linux go build -o bin/net -i


On macOS, you can install the netcap command-line tool with Homebrew:

$ brew tap dreadl0ck/formulas
$ brew install netcap


Netcap uses the zeus build system, it can be found on GitHub along with installation instructions:

To install the Netcap and Netlabel command-line tool and the library with zeus, run:

$ zeus install

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