Detailed Version History Information

v0.5 - April 2020


  • multiple bugs in the stream reassembly
  • several panics during parsing in gopacket


  • CLI interface refactored: single binary app with subcommands, stripped size ~17MB
  • Updated units tests
  • Documentation updates
  • Updated Docker containers for Ubuntu and Alpine
  • Compiled with Go 1.14.2
  • removed custom audit records Link-, Network- and TransportFlow

New Features

  • Maltego integration
  • File audit records
  • Diameter protocol audit records
  • SMTP audit records
  • POP3 support for extracting Mails
  • JA3S support and separate audit record for TLSServerHello
  • New configuration options: via environment variables or configuration file
  • Resolvers package for Geolocation, DNS and Service lookups and whitelisting
  • Deep Packet Inspection via nDPI and libprotoident
  • DeviceProfile Audit records, to capture the behavior of a single device within a traffic dump
  • Added an integration for bash-completion support